Two ideas - up for adoption

Hey folks,
	If you are looking for 'simple' ideas to break into beagle development or 
just keeping yourself busy ;-), here are two ideas that might interest you.

(1) GMail indexing: Figure out (reverse-enginneer ?) how gmail-desktop-search 
for linux indexes GMail emails. There is no public API and the usual gmail 
apis on the web are not search friendly. It should be an easy step of dumping 
the internet traffic when a search is performed followed by a harder step of 
finding out what the dump means. (*) All of the above assuming, Google 
doesn't download the emails using POP/IMAP and then index them.

(2) Index Audio CDs: Build a beagle-build-index like beagle-index-audiocd tool 
(could even be some switch --audio-cd to beagle-build-index) that will fetch 
the CDDB or other relevant information from the web and index them. 
StaticQueryable needs to be modified a little to know that some results could 
be from audio cds, in which case do the right thing (e.g. return the result 
and the interface prompts the user to insert the audio cd with the specified 

Don't hesitate to ask the list or me personally if you have any questions. In 
the mean time, wait a little bit more as I plan to put up a testing 
beagle-0.3-RC tarball in a week or so.
- dBera

(*) It might not be feasible to distribute the gmail indexer with beagle, but 
I am pretty sure it will become highly popular and useful 
through 'unofficial' means. Maybe it will even force Google to open the API.

(**) This is very much like indexing-removable-media, which I described on the 
ML sometime back. You are welcome to work on it too.

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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