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D Bera writes:

> I am not so sure its (2). Even if it is a libexif crash, you would see
> the same thing in the beginning of the index-helper log file. If you
> can track down the previous index-helper log file (using last modified
> timestamp), check the end of that file and look for the last line
> saying "<timestamp...> IndexH DEBUG: +file:///..." or "<timestamp...>
> IndexH DEBUG: -file:///..." - if the file is jpeg then its most
> probably the libexif problem.

Nope -- last lines:

17:33:06.7301 26252 IndexH DEBUG: -file:///disk/scratch/mail/Mail/xml-schema-ig/14154
17:33:06.7917 26252 IndexH DEBUG: +file:///disk/scratch/mail/Mail/xml-schema-ig/14154
17:33:06.9480 26252 IndexH DEBUG: -file:///disk/scratch/mail/Mail/active
17:33:07.0207 26252 IndexH DEBUG: +file:///disk/scratch/mail/Mail/active
17:33:08.4176 26252 IndexH DEBUG: Helper Size: VmRSS=26.4 MB, size=2.17, 29.2%
17:33:17.4223 26252 IndexH DEBUG: Helper Size: VmRSS=26.7 MB, size=2.19, 29.8%
18:03:09.3180 26252 IndexH DEBUG: No activity for 30.0 minutes, shutting down
18:03:09.3197 26252 IndexH  INFO: Shutdown requested
18:03:09.3210 26252 IndexH DEBUG: (1) Waiting for 1 worker...
18:03:09.3211 26252 IndexH DEBUG: waiting for server '/disk/scratch/.beagle/socket-helper'
18:03:09.3226 26252 IndexH DEBUG: Server '/disk/scratch/.beagle/socket-helper' shut down
18:03:09.3230 26252 IndexH DEBUG: All workers have finished.  Exiting main loop.
18:03:09.3245 26252 IndexH DEBUG: Joining thread 1 of 1: EHT 26257 [26252 IndexHelper] Beagle.IndexHelper.IndexHelperTool:DaemonMonitorWorker
18:03:10.0390 26252 IndexH  INFO: Index helper process shut down cleanly.

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