Re: beagle occasionally loses all the file backend index


On 3/24/07, MrJ Man <auxsvr yahoo com> wrote:
I noticed that beagle loses the file backend index
about twice a month, as seen from the number of files
displayed by beagle-index-info, while the beagle
database in .beagle doesn't reduce in size.

I'm running beagle, mono
on opensuse 10.2, with reiserfs xattrs. The error
"System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: Address already
in use" appears in the index helper exceptions log
most of the times this has happened; once it might
mention a problem with the SQLlite database handling
if I remember correctly, though I cannot verify this,
as I deleted the .beagle directory at the time for
fear it were corrupted. I have skimmed through the
logs for any suspicious errors and warnings and I
couldn't find any. There are a few warnings about
compressed files and a couple of tex files that beagle
fails to open, they don't seem to be involved in this
though, as the index is lost only after indexing has
finished first and I rarely create indexable files. I
also noticed that a indexhelper process remained hung
after a beagle-shutdown after the problem manifested
itself today, so I had to kill it with SIGKILL
(SIGTERM failed).

One reason this happens typically is that the indexer process crashes
in the middle of indexing a file, leaving behind a stale lockfile,
which gets purged the next time the indexer process is started.  It
sounds like your situation might be a little different, though.

The best way to tell what's going on is in the logs.  Any
~/.beagle/Log/*-IndexHelper logfile should say something like "Index
helper shut down cleanly" as the last line of the file (or maybe
somewhere in the last 5-10 lines).  If you're seeing stale index
helper process left behind, it seems like the daemon thinks that the
helper has gone away (shutdown, crash, whatever) but instead it's
still indexing but not responding to requests.  Have you found that
the index helper is using 100% CPU when this happens?

If you want, you can tar up your ~/.beagle/Log directory and send it
to me.  Hopefully there will be some useful info in there.


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