Summer Of Code Application (Browser Extension Rewrite for beagle)

I have sumbitted an application for Summer Of Code .
That is Browser Extension Rewrite for beagle

Project Goal:
Rewrite the Firefox Extension and Epiphany extension for Beagle.
including interface ,jslib (for firefox extension),etc.
And add some new feature to the extension.
1.Persist the firefox extensions enable/disable settings (bug 315610)
2.adding more powerful filters(using regular expression/or wildcards)
to exclude/include the URLs
3.(optional) introduce an interface(for search) for beagle in the
browser(may be only for firefox)

Project Details:
As mentioned in , The
Browser Extensions for Beagle need a complete rewrite.
I am willing to rewrite the extension.
And I'd like to add some new feathers to them.
1.Persist the firefox extensions enable/disable settings
As described in bug 315610,It is unconvenient to stop the index echo
time User open a new window. I'd like to introduce this option to the
2.Currently, the firefox extension only do an basic filter based on host.
I think that is not enough. I'd like to add more power filters. Based
on wildcard ,or regular expression . (Something like FoxyProxy's URL
3.(optional) introduce an interface(for search) for beagle in the
browser(may be only for Firefox)using the command line tool
This feathers may have nothing to do with the original goal of the extension.
But I do think it would be useful.

The above description are almost all for Firefox extension. But the
feathers can be add to Epiphany extension too.
In fact the Epiphany extension is really simple now,only less than 500
line codes.
It need much improvement. I didn't say much about it because I have no
idea of Epiphany extension develop now. But I'm willing to learn it in
the future.

Rough Road Map:
1.(now - 28/5/2007)
discuss with Beagle develop team about my idea.I will get familiar
with the related code . And learn some something about Epiphany
Extension Development.
2.(1/6/2007 - 31/6/2007)
rewrite the firefox extension
develop and test the first two features for firefox extension.
3.(1/7/2007 - 31/7/2007)
develop and test the Epiphany extension
4.(1/8/2007 - 15/8/2007)
develop and test the third feature for the firefox extension.

I have also posted it in

I'd like to get some feedback from the Beagle community.
Filia Tao
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