Re: Disable Beagle-Startup


On 3/22/07, Andreas Heinz <dashboard a80 net> wrote:
since my Beagle is a big Memory hog (200-300 MB) i would like to disable
it, till i try it again after my switch to feisty in april.

Are you using Edgy?  You can get the latest packages from:

which is a lot more memory friendly.

i'm searching quite a while now how to disable beagles startup and
havent been able to find a working solution.

recently i read joe's notice to look at .config/... but neither removing
beagle.desktop nor editing the file and setting autostart to false
changed something.

Also take a look for autostart-beagle*.desktop files in
/etc/xdg/autostart.  Those are the system-wide defaults, and you can
remove them if you want.  The files in ~/.config override them, but
only if they're present.

I think that disabling might be broken in KDE, because it requires a
certain variable to be set in the file, and GNOME misinterprets it,
making the two effectively mutually exclusive.  I think the file that
gets created in ~/.config has a comment to this effect.


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