Re: Filter for x-mswrite

Write files are not Word files - AbiWord has a separate plugin to import them, so that might be a place to start.


Stephan Hegel wrote:
D Bera wrote:
You can use beagle-extract-content to test if beagle knows how to
filter the .wri files.
My logs indicate that it isn't filtered before I added the mentioned
external filter.

It might be just a matter of adding the mimetype to the msword filter.
Might be. Or might be not.

You can use
--mimetype=application/msword to force beagle to think it a word file
and see if it is able to index correctly. If it succeeds,
I don't want to try - I'd like to know what is the expected behavior.
Otherwise I get answers again like that is not expected/not documented/
doesn't match a particular specification ... whatever.

application/x-msword needs to be added to the filter.
If at all, x-mswrite should be added to the msword filter. But exactly
this was my question.

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