Beagle version / revision number issue

Hi all,

When starting beagled daemon I always get the following printout
near the top of my logs:
   Always: Starting Beagle Daemon (version 0.2.16)
However, this is  not entirely true: I'm running a certain revision
from SVN issued weeks after 0.2.16.

Would it be possible to display the current revision number here if
the package is fetched from SVN ? This would make life easier for
testers as they are forced - from time to time - to switch back and
forth between revisions to track down potential regressions.

BTW, is it only the "" file where the version number is
taken from ? Would it be ok to replace the version string , let's
say "0.2.16" just with "r3564" ?

Thanks & kind regards,

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