Re: newbie questions

> Those maildir directories are mutt files or kmail files ?
mutt files.
Are those extra kmail files really neccesary?
If it counts, there is huge header-cache file.

As you said before, beagle is able to find results some emails from
the maildir files. Beagle treats them email (message/rfc822 if you
know what I mean) files and parses them accordingly.  Without a
dedicated data source or "backend" for mutt files, this is the best
you can get. The backend will be required to parse the mutt specific
information in the maildir files and the header cache file.
KMail backend works in a similar way but for kmail specific emails. It
does not find kmail specific information so does not treat them as
kmail emails.
There are open requests for a mutt backend but nobody has written it it.

> Yes. Mono binaries are named as .exe and .dll.
So there is no way to make it use less memory
or native elf binary?

If you are claiming that beagle could use less memory or be better if
compiled as native elf binary, then as far as i know, there is no plan
to rewrite it in assembly code.
Those .exe and .dll files are not really win32 files, they are just
named like that. Basically they are like java class files.
Being a managed vm-based language, mono will use a little more memory
than the equivalent C program, but writing in mono has other
advantages and pleasure.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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