Re: Deleting indexed items

On Sat, 2007-06-30 at 15:26 +0200, Pierre Östlund wrote:
> On 6/30/07, Paul Wellner Bou <paul purecodes org> wrote:
>         I just wanted to know if there is any way to delete items that
>         are
>         indexed by beagle. For example mails that are deleted yet or
>         websites I
>         visited with Firefox or Opera and I don't want them to be in
>         the index.
> The easiest way to remove items is to just delete the index they
> belong to. If you for instance want to remove everything extracted
> from Opera, just remove the directory containing the Opera index. All
> indexes are stored in ~/.beagle/Indexes, just remove the ones you
> don't want. A small note: shut down beagle before you delete
> anything! 
> If you completely want to disable a backend, you can do so from the
> command line when launching the daemon. List all backends with
> "beagled --list-backends", write down the ones you don't want and add
> one "--backend -<name of backend>" per backend you want to disable
> when you launch the daemon. So, if you would like to disable Opera,
> launch the beagle daemon like this: 
> beagled --backend -Opera
>         I have no problem with files as beagle seems to recognize it
>         almost 
>         immediately if I delete a file. I don't know how beagle
>         handles the
>         Feed-Entries. How long are they stored in the index? As long
>         as my
>         newsreader keeps them?
> Don't really know how long beagle keeps feed entries in its indexes.
> The implementation of a backend decides these things and I haven't
> touched that code, but I would guess that beagle never drops them as
> this is much easier to accomplish (since one don't have to write the
> "up to date" and removal code). 
> If you want to go into the index and delete items manually, I really
> recommend luke (available here: Use it
> on your own risk.
> Thanks!
> Pierre Östlund

Hello Pierre I looked under .beagle/Indexes and firefox wasn't listed,
some other programs that are KDE based on my Ubuntu Gnome desktop do
appear ? any ideas?

Best Regards,

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