Re: Deleting indexed items

On 6/30/07, Paul Wellner Bou <paul purecodes org> wrote:

I just wanted to know if there is any way to delete items that are
indexed by beagle. For example mails that are deleted yet or websites I
visited with Firefox or Opera and I don't want them to be in the index.

The easiest way to remove items is to just delete the index they belong to. If you for instance want to remove everything extracted from Opera, just remove the directory containing the Opera index. All indexes are stored in ~/.beagle/Indexes, just remove the ones you don't want. A small note: shut down beagle before you delete anything!

If you completely want to disable a backend, you can do so from the command line when launching the daemon. List all backends with "beagled --list-backends", write down the ones you don't want and add one "--backend -<name of backend>" per backend you want to disable when you launch the daemon. So, if you would like to disable Opera, launch the beagle daemon like this:

beagled --backend -Opera

I have no problem with files as beagle seems to recognize it almost
immediately if I delete a file. I don't know how beagle handles the
Feed-Entries. How long are they stored in the index? As long as my
newsreader keeps them?

Don't really know how long beagle keeps feed entries in its indexes. The implementation of a backend decides these things and I haven't touched that code, but I would guess that beagle never drops them as this is much easier to accomplish (since one don't have to write the "up to date" and removal code).

If you want to go into the index and delete items manually, I really recommend luke (available here: Use it on your own risk.


Pierre Östlund


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