Re: Limit beagle-helper's cpu usage


On 6/7/07, Jakub Nawalaniec <pielgrzym prymityw pl> wrote:
 When beagled-helper starts fiddling around it uses whole one
core and cpu gets hot (and a LOT louder). Is there an relatively
easy way to patch the beagle's code not to use so much resources
even when they're free (or to set the maximum % of cpu usage)?

If beagled-helper is pegging one core (and you're not on screensaver),
then you're more likely simply seeing a bug rather than a behavioral
problem.  When you see this happening, send SIGUSR2 to the
beagled-helper process.  That will cause it to print in its log what
file it's working on.  If you email that log
(~/.beagle/Log/current-IndexHelper) or file a bug and attach it, then
we can see exactly what's going on.

If it is just a behavioral problem, you could bump up the various
delay values in Util/Scheduler.cs.  It will probably use the same
amount of CPU, but it will be scattered out over a longer period of


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