Weekly SoC report (Thunderbird backend)

Time for another report. Since my last report I've managed to:
* Release the first version of the Thunderbird backend for beagle and made further improvements to it
* Fixed a couple of bugs in the extension
* Added support for removing and exclusion of single items from beagle through Thunderbird (like an email or rss article)

I think I'm on the final stretch now with not that much left to to. There's some things left on my TODO list and I'm just going to take one item after another until it's empty. For now that list comes down to:
* Add an about box
* Make the "remove a folder from beagle's index" work
* Ensure that the main loop only runs when there's something to index
* Clean up the extension a bit and add better error explanations
* At least try to fix the threading issue in the "unindex" dialog window
* Hack around the "moving" and "removal from trash" issues until we have proper support for this
* Fix bugs

The items mentioned above are pretty much what I've got left of my SoC project. Hopefully I'll manage to complete the six first items as quickly as possible to allow for some bug squashing time. Anyway, it's time for me to get back to the coding.


Pierre Östlund

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