Re: Feedback on the TB Ext - 0.1


On 7/21/07, Rogue <roguexz gmail com> wrote:
I was going through the beagleMain.js file to see what is the source of
the issue. I noticed the following:

1. There are no debug statements indicating which ItemEvent is
triggering the loop to restart.

I used to have this, but I didn't really find them very useful. But I'll add them again in case you feel that they can be useful?

2. Since this is still in development / alpha status, I would suggest
that you re-enable the try-catch block on lines 294 - 298, that way I
would be able to give you better feedback.

The reason I commented out that try-catch block is so that I can more easily trace all small and nasty bugs. Putting it back there and just printing the exception message won't give me the line number. I'll re-add it once we are a bit further down in the testing cycle.


Pierre Östlund

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