Re: querying over network (from SoC 2006)

> 1) Start beagled with "--networked" on machine-A

So one does this as one's own uid on the remote machine?  Presumably
that beagled then indexes one's own ~ on the networked machine?  Into a
~/.beagle/ dir?

Yes. However, the remote query merely connects to the server at the
host:port and retrieves the results. At least thats what I made from
the tests. Alexis might have added authentication or some sort of
permission features - I dont know.

What are the thoughts of a single beagled run as root that works on
behalf of all of the users on that machine?  I'm thinking of a NASish
type machine that hosts homedirs for example but does not really
facilitate the users logging into it.  This same beagled should be
configurable to index other locations on the machine for "public

If there is no authentication, it should be possible right now to run
beagled as root on the server machine. However, then any user would be
able to query for any file.

The alternative of course is some form of "getent passwd | while read
name; do su - name -c beagled --networked; done" but that starts a
potentially large number of beagled processes.

Yeah. There is a problem in that approach.

> 2) On machine-B, use "beagle-config networking AddNeighborhoodBeagleNode
> hostname:portnumber" to add the machine-A (use portnumber = 4000)

How about SD/rendezvous (or whatever it's being called these days) so
that beagle automatically finds all of the networked beagleds on the

There was another SoC 2006 project (done by Kyle) which was
implementing this. It was a lot of GUI stuff (the gui had means to
finding out other beagle nodes in the network using avahi) -
unfortunately I dont run gnome so I have no plans to integrate his

> 3) On machine-B, run "beagle-query --local no --remote yes <search_terms>" to
> search remote beagle.

Is it intentional that the user has to know he is querying networked
beagleds?  Ideally this whole networked concept is hidden from the user,

the "--network yes" is more for testing and debugging. Its there so
that you can query a beagle on the local machine by 'local' query and
'network' query and compare results. The actual interface and default
values would depend on what users would feel comfortable with.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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