Re: Beagle, beagled stops indexing


Joe Shaw wrote:
Is there anything special or odd about that directory?  Do you find
Beagle using 100% CPU during this?
There is nothing special about this dir: just a bunch of about 30 pdf's.
When I run all files through beagle-extract-content everything looks
fine, no exceptions.

And no, no activity at all which led also to the shutdown recorded in
the log below.

Looking in the logs I see:
Debug: *** Move '/home/steve/www/Sports/Biking/' 'StulpnerTrailsKarte.gif' -> '/home/steve/www/Sports/Biking/' 'StuelpnerTrailsKarte.gif' (file)
Debug: Parsed query 'stuelpner' as text_query
Debug: Parsed query 'miri' as text_query
Debug: Parsed query 'miriquidi' as text_query
Debug: No activity for 30.0 minutes, shutting down
Always: Shutdown requested
Debug: CancelIfBlocking Beagle.Daemon.ConnectionHandler
Debug: (1) Waiting for 2 workers...
Debug: waiting for HandleConnection (1649)
Debug: waiting for server '/home/steve/.beagle/socket-helper'
Debug: Server '/home/steve/.beagle/socket-helper' shut down
Debug: (2) Waiting for 1 worker...
Debug: waiting for HandleConnection (1649)

Even I was not able to kill "beagled -fg" with CTRL-C or with a simple
"kill PID". I had to "kill -9" (what is not desired, of course).

I get the impression that this might be a Mono bug.  If you see it
again, and CTRL-C doesn't work, send it SIGQUIT so that it can dump its
threads.  Maybe there will be a clue in there.
I'm not sure: the odd behavior above does not occur with beagle-0.2.14.
So I reverted to this. Mono hasn't changed, it is still 1.2.2.


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