Re: comparison of desktop indexers

Michal Pryc wrote:
> D Bera wrote:
>> Btw, as requested in the tracker mailing list
>> (,
>> is it possible to somehow share the test data ? It would provide an
>> excellent tool for testing and development purposes.
> Unfortunatelly this is rather hard to do for me, because in the data set
> there were some documents that might be for internal use only, so it
> would be very time consuming to select the "proper" ones :-(
> But maybe it is time to create one good set of documents that people can
> freely use for testing the indexers.

I've created small java application and posted it on my rarely updated
blog, which grabs some text from wikipedia (MediaWiki) as it was wished
on the tracker list:

hope it will help with testing

Michal Pryc

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