Re: stuck in file crawl task loop


Debajyoti Bera wrote:
Hmm, this might be the cause of the loop.  The code always checks the
sqlite database first because it has to[1], which means that if the old
ones aren't being dropped from the DB we could be pulling old

I will look into it.

Joe checked in some fixes and debugging hooks to track these problems in

We expect the situation to improve and hope that the problem will be fixed . If it is not fixed, then the logs will contain enough information to help nail it.

Yeah, my commits should fix the problem where it loops over the same single directory over and over. There may still be larger loops (for example if inotify watches aren't set up), but that's the intended behavior without inotify.

I dont have evolution, so the evo-related backends are not enabled in this dll. That should not matter, since you will be testing the filesystem backend.

Also, the Evolution backends are in their own DLL.



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