Beagle Thunderbird Indexing in Debian Etch

I've submitted a bug in debian covering beagle not indexing thunderbird mail that is located in a non-standard location.

A follow up bug was posted to the gnome bugzilla

Basically I keep my thunderbird mail in a separate location other than the standard ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/ location and it's not getting indexed.  The addressbook stuff is still in that directory and that isn't getting indexed either.  I tried to create a symbolic link between my mail directory (/mnt/storage/mail) and the appropriate directory in ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/ with no result.

My thunderbird backend is active in beagle and the indexing status shows "true" but the number of files is 0

Name: Thunderbird
Count: 0
Indexing: True

Is this a bug in beagle, the thunderbird backend, debian or is it something I'm doing wrong?  I'm running beagle 0.2.12 and Debian Etch.

Thanks in advance!
Michael Labowicz

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