Re: Fixing "fixme:foo" property names, attention other UI devs


On Thu, 2007-01-04 at 12:18 -0500, D Bera wrote:
> What I plan to do is to replace the "fixme" by a proper namespace e.g.
> "image" for general image properties
> "jpeg" for jpeg specific properties
> "contact" for contact specific properties
> "package" for package specific properties
> etc.

I would also suggest a format for the types of properties.  Right now
there is a mix of camelCase, StudlyCaps, and under_scores.  I prefer
lowercased and underscored, which is also largely what we're using

I think we should probably use existing systems where they make sense.
Dublin Core is the most obvious of these, and we do use DC for certain

> I will change the names in the filter/backend code and accordingly
> change it in beagle-search code. I will also change it in kerry (and
> yabi, kbeaglebar code as well). But I do not have access to the code
> of any other client like deskbar, peagle etc. so I will not be able to
> change the names in them. So, those clients could remain broken for a
> while. If you are using them, please refrain from using svn trunk for
> the time being.

Can you do the bulk of this work on a separate branch until it's ready
to go in?  Such an invasive change I would prefer live on its own in
case we want to do another release in the meantime.  This will also give
people an opportunity to get client apps in line before we release it.


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