New commit/bugzilla policies

Hey everyone,

I want to institute a few policies now that we've made the move to

        * ChangeLogs will be generated from "svn log -v" at
        release-time.  This means that commit messages should be
        descriptive about what changes where made to what code and why.
        If it makes you feel better, you can use the old ChangeLog
        format for your modifications.  But one-line commit messages for
        large changes are no longer acceptable.
        * Any commit which touches a bugzilla bug must be identified in
        the commit message.  "Fixes bgo #123456" or "See bgo #234567
        comment 5" are good examples.  (bgo is;
        others might be bnc for, brc for, luc for
        * Once a bug is fixed in svn, update the bug to say what
        revision it was fixed in.  "Fixed in svn, r1234" is good.
This will make tracking changes, looking back at history, and doing
releases much easier.



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