Re: Does Beagle support Thunderbird?


Johann Petrak wrote:
OK, I know the FAQ says yes, but here, Beagle does not seem to index
anything related to Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird backend is pretty buggy and memory hungry, so it is no longer built by default. You have to pass in --enable-thunderbird to the configure line for it. I'm not sure if Ubuntu builds/packages it, maybe bhale can answer that.

The problem is being worked on, however, so hopefully soon we'll be able to re-enable it.

Does Beagle expect the Thunderbird files in .mozilla-thunderbird (Ubuntu's way) or .thunderbird (every other distro's and Mozilla's way)?

What happens if it finds both or just one of these directories?

It checks both directories, but I'm not sure which it prefers.


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