Does Beagle support Thunderbird?

OK, I know the FAQ says yes, but here, Beagle does not seem to index
anything related to Thunderbird.

I am running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and just have installed all the
beagle-related packages from the repository.

Here is the output of "beagled --list-backends":
Current available backends:
 - EvolutionMail
 - EvolutionDataServer
 - KMail
 - Files
 - GaimLog
 - IndexingService
 - Tomboy
 - Labyrinth
 - Blam
 - Liferea
 - Akregator
 - KonquerorHistory
 - KonqBookmark
 - KNotes
 - KOrganizer
 - KAddressBook
 - Kopete
 - Konversation
 - applications
 - documentation

Does Beagle expect the Thunderbird files in .mozilla-thunderbird (Ubuntu's way) or .thunderbird (every other distro's and Mozilla's way)?

What happens if it finds both or just one of these directories?

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