Re: Working With Conduit

> Ok. If I understand you correctly, you are proposing some kind of Conduit
> backend (or meta-backend if you will), which supplies data to beagle from all
> the different sources that Conduit handles. I think it is possible to do
> something like this. Either by using libbeagle or python bindings to send
> data to beagle from Conduit or pulling data from Conduit from beagled itself.
> Care has to be taken because Conduit and beagle might not be started at the
> same time, but I dont see logically this can be done.
> - dBera

That about covers it. kkubasik suggested python-beagle, which I have
been experimenting with a little bit. Looking very handy so far.

I'm going to create a few prototypes and then i'll be back with
another part of my plan :-)

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