Tracker to be default search provider in next Ubuntu release

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Hey, maybe I'm woefully behind, and everyone already knows this, but
Ubuntu has decided to install tracker by default in the next release,
as announced in this mail:

While I've been on something of a hiatus for a good chunk of the
summer, I must have missed the debate/argument. I've been checking
most of the places I expected it to happen in launchpad, but I haven't
found anything, If anyone knows where the discussion happened/the
final reasoning behind the decision, it would be much appreciated.

As far as a realistic comparison to Tracker (from the
'as-informed-as-I-can-be-based-on-current-trunks' perspective) I
really can't see any evidence to this constant assertion that Tracker
can match Beagle for features, it seems that lots of cool support is
_planned_ but not a whole lot of it is implemented. However, one
feature that I have wanted to implement for ages, and have made
several futile attempts at, is to offer object tagging live in the
search interface. Its not the easiest feature in the world to
describe, so here's a short screencast of Trackers implementation (you
also gotta admit, the new tracker search interface is damn sexy, even
if you still have very limited options for actions on a result)

Anyways, If I could get some help implementing the GUI side of it, I
would be more than willing to hook everything up to our current
nautilus emblem backend. The only issue right now is that Nautilus
doesn't care what beagle has stored as emblems, so we would either
need to push that data down to the XML nautilus speaks, dbus into
nautilus in some way to let it know, or just write a simple nautilus
extension. Either way,  since, no one uses trackers tagging info at
the moment, it doesn't really matter if we have that feature
immediately, but we would need it in the long term.

Anyways, let me know if anyone thinks this is worth implementing (I'm
thinking a good way for me to refamiliarize myself with the beagle
codebase), and if we know its worth implementing, then preferably some
advice on where/how would be best to proceed in terms of the

One last thing, I do want to apologize for my lack of diligence on the
Ubuntu front, I know that (before my absence) I was becoming something
of the Ubuntu contact for Beagle, and I really should have at least
caught wind that a tracker v. beagle debate was going to happen and
notified someone, even if I couldn't address it myself.

Kevin Kubasik

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