Re: Beagle testing questions


On 4/25/07, David Rowntree <therealdaverowntree googlemail com> wrote:
If I repeat this, but search for more obscure (but english) phrases like
"minimum illumination" or something, I know there is a file with that
phrase, and I can see the plain text - but the search returns no hits!

Should beagle be able to find /every/ sensible english word?  Is it possible
I have a partially complete index?

Beagle uses the same analyzer for indexing and search, so words will
be matched "going in" (being indexed) and "coming out" (when searched
for), so yeah, it should be able to find everything.

If you know which file it isn't matching, one thing you could do is
set up a small sandbox and have beagle index just that.  Basically,
what you do is this:

* Create /tmp/sandbox
* Copy the file that you know matches into that directory
* Run: BEAGLE_HOME=/tmp/sandbox BEAGLE_EXERCISE_THE_DOG=1 beagled --fg
--debug --backend files
* Watch the output and make sure it indexes the file, look for any
suspicious error messages or warnings.
* Search for it with BEAGLE_HOME=/tmp/sandbox beagle-query "minimum
illumination" and see if you get a match.

That will help us narrow down exactly why the search is failing:
whether it's not being indexed correctly, whether the phrase search is
failing, etc.

How do I determine what files are excluded from the index?

If you're using extended attributes on your home directory, you could
do something like this:
find ~ | xargs getfattr -n user.Beagle 2>/dev/null | grep -v Filter

Any file which lists both the file name and the extended attributes
are files which have been processed by Beagle but which didn't have a
filter.  That's not very exact.

beagle-dump-index might also be a useful tool because it prints out
all sorts of information about the data in the index, and you can
limit it to specific URIs if you like.  It obviously won't tell you
what files *aren't* in the index, though, unless you know specific
ones you're looking for.


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