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On 4/23/07, Nagyon Almos <b17 freemail hu> wrote:
I am trying to switch to Dovecot but before that
I want to make sure that it can do what I want:
- allow simoultaneous access independently from the mail
user agent (like pine, mutt or thunderbird)
- can handle e-mails separately (maildir, just in case)
- I can use beagle to search in the e-mails independently from the
used MUA.

Ok, I think I understand now. :)

Beagle does support maildir setups; it recognizes the files as being
messages and indexes them as such, including attachments, etc.

Opening those files is a little tricky.  On GNOME there is no
application which says that it can handle opening of files with a
message/rfc822 MIME type.  (Actually, it might try to open in gedit,
which would be fine for plain text emails but useless for anything
else.)  On KDE, KMail seems to do it fine.

There is also no standard way to open attachments inside of emails
through a URI scheme.  So IIRC if you get a mail attachment result and
try to open that, it will simply try to open the email that contains
it.  If you're using KMail this will probably be ok.

>It should be able to handle these.  Beagle uses the GMime library to
>handle emails, so it should do any encoding conversions itself.
This is good news.
I have been switching from iso-8859-2 to utf-8 everywhere (filenames, email
encodings, html encodings, tex files and so on) and this is a big pain
for me.

It's a big pain, but it's the right thing to do!  Beagle doesn't
handle non-UTF-8 filenames particularly well, so getting those fixed
first is a great idea.  Fortunately many file formats either mandate
an encoding or explicitly specify it.  Because of this, Beagle handles
most encodings pretty well inside files.


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