Re: simple questions

I am sorry, I was too quick.
(We seemed to post at the same time).

Joe Shaw Hi,

>I don't think there's any way to do it immediately; IIRC they will be
>processed after the first root (probably your home directory) is
This is not problem for me. I just asked.

I accidentaly deleted the text, but the point is:
now beagle indexes the extra directory and find the results.
(Crawling my home directory took too long).

>Do you mean in the external-filters.xml file?  Extensions are matched
>exactly there, so you'll have to provide multiple extensions to match;
>there's no regex matching there.
Yes, there.

>There is a Thunderbird backend for Beagle, but it's disabled by
>default due to some issues with its memory consumption.  Can you give
>a little more detail on your setup?
I am trying to switch to Dovecot but before that
I want to make sure that it can do what I want:
- allow simoultaneous access independently from the mail
user agent (like pine, mutt or thunderbird)
- can handle e-mails separately (maildir, just in case)
- I can use beagle to search in the e-mails independently from the
used MUA.

>It should be able to handle these.  Beagle uses the GMime library to
>handle emails, so it should do any encoding conversions itself.
This is good news.
I have been switching from iso-8859-2 to utf-8 everywhere (filenames, email 
encodings, html encodings, tex files and so on) and this is a big pain
for me.

>I don't see any files attached?  Or do you mean generically files
>attached to emails?  Beagle indexes those.
Good to hear that.

Thank you for the informations.

Best wishes,

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