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"D Bera" <dbera web gmail com> writes:

>>   4) This python/perl is needed because
>> some of my e-mails are html-entity, quoted-printable, 8-bit,
>> iso-8859-2, utf-8  encoded and so on.
>> I guess this is not a problem for Beagle at all, ie it can search
>> in any e-mail no mattter how it is encoded.
>> What about the attached files?
> If you throw email files (containing single emails, maildir style) to
> beagle, it knows how to index emails. Also beagle will take care of
> the attachments itself. Sometimes there is a problem in determining
> the mimetype of email files, instead of message/rfc822 they are
> recognized as text files by our mime type sniffer. So, if you can
> somehow ensure that the files that are sent to beagle have the
> mimetype explicitly set to message/rfc822, beagle will correctly index
> them for you.

Interesting: does this happen implicitly within the file crawler
(i.e. not the other backends), or explicitly via the other backends (say
the KMailQueryable)? Because if it's implicit, might as well back out
whatever I'm doing for the Gnus backend and work on MIME type
detection. :)

P.S. I haven't really read a whole lot of the current Beagle codebase,
so forgive me if the answer lies there -- I'm reading it while sending
this out.

JM Ibanez
Software Architect
Orange & Bronze Software Labs, Ltd. Co.

jm orangeandbronze com

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