Beagle with offline content

 Hey all,

 I would like to index my external usb disk and search its content even when the disk is not mounted. I'm using Fedora Core 6 with the beagle package beagle-0.2.13-1.fc6.

 To that aim, I did the following :
    - 1/ I created a static index as root :
         # beagle-build-index --recursive --deny-pattern .beagle* --target /home/indexes/.beagle-index-usbdisk /media/usbdisk

    - 2/ In my local unix account (ejbg), I added the index to be searched :
         # beagle-config daemon AddStaticQueryable /home/indexes/.beagle-index-usbdisk

 However, when I try to search anything on the disk, using either beagle-search or beagle-query, it only works when the usbdisk is mounted. When the disk is not mounted I have NO result.

So here are my questions :
    - Is it a normal behavior of beagle ?
    - Is there a configuration that I need to set up in order to search for offline contents ? I would like to be able to know that the thing I'm looking for is on /media/usbdisk/xxx.



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