Re: RoadMap for next Beagle releases

How about a basic use case of what you mean.  Nice simple step by step
from the end user.  I have been kicking around and idea with the voices in
my head about the idea of dbus/beagle integration with something like:

If the music player is open or an music device is plugged in beagle
prioritizes music files in results.

I am not sure if this is a dashboard or beagle issue and I have only
talked to the voices so I am not proposing it but I am unclear on your
concept so a simple use cas would be cool.


You exactlly hit the nail on the target! I been thinking of that also.
I know that for example amarok has dynamic playlists, and
automatically new founded files get's appended to the playlist if they
match the criteria(genre, artist) to the specific dynamic
With a listener you can integrate this to banshee and other players
also in the future or why not to mplayer ( for the minimalistic

You could have this also for other things. It's a kinda listener of
what beagle indexes right now and what it finds.

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