Re: RoadMap for next Beagle releases

> I know that for example amarok has dynamic playlists, and
> automatically new founded files get's appended to the playlist if they
> match the criteria(genre, artist) to the specific dynamic
> playlist-mode.
> With a listener you can integrate this to banshee and other players
> also in the future or why not to mplayer ( for the minimalistic
> ones!).

> You could have this also for other things. It's a kinda listener of
> what beagle indexes right now and what it finds.

Beagle provides API for doing that too ... After you get query results, you 
can keep listening for more results and beagle will return more results as it 
finds them. Its the live-query feature which is by default enabled in 
beagle-search and requires a command-line option in beagle-query and is there 
in the bindings.

If you want to know what beagle indexed right now, there is some support for 
that in the code but not complete (I dont understand why would anyone want to 
know what beagle is indexing in real time).

I think you already knew this, so probably I misunderstood what you meant :(

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera, Graduate Student, Theory Grp, BU-CS
@ 617-782-1324 (R)                 617-358-2354 (O)

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