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I'm sorry for the radio silence, but I wanted to have authentication ready for networked Beagle before I presented it to more people. Networked Beagle uses a v1.1 port of Mono's HttpListener so I'm actually working on Mono right now. I'm being rather slow due to work and school, but I hope to have a patch for both HttpListeners by the next week.

In the meantime, my code (networked queries, not the discovery part) is at . It branched out of CVS in May and it needs a little cleaning up, but it is usable. The two things that need to be done are a) Making networked results more usable (right now they are grouped as 'Results in Other Computers' and are handled as generic files) and b) Merging with Kyle's Avahi work.

I'll be making tarballs if people are interested in trying it out.


Joe Shaw wrote:

We had 5 projects working on Beagle-related stuff, and I am happy to say
that they were all successful projects.

On Tue, 2006-09-12 at 18:24 -0400, Kevin Kubasik wrote:
Joe: What are the merge plans? What of the code needs cleaning/testing
etc. Love to get some of that stuff (especially the network stuff) into
CVS soon ;).

Max's metadata work was both a SoC project and a school project.  I
talked with him earlier this week and while he's on vacation this week,
he hopes to finish up the school part of it soon.  Once that's done, we
can look into merging it in.  The metadata stuff is going to largely
change the internals of Beagle so there will still be a bunch of work to
be done.  I suspect that'll all happen on a branch.

Alexis's and Kyle's work was on doing networked searches in Beagle using
our XML format over HTTP with Avahi support.  The SoC rules prohibit
students from working on their projects collaboratively, so there was a
little overlap in their work.  Both expressed an interest to work
together to get their pieces connected after the SoC project ended.  I
know Alexis was going away for a week or two after the project ended,
but I need to check in with both of them to see what the status is.

Fredrik has a good start on the Dashboard stuff and it looks like we
have a workable architecture there.  The UI still needs to be worked out
and right now there is frontend support for only Banshee and Tomboy, so
there is a ways to go before it's truly usable.  But I'm happy with the

Trow actually mentored Dennis's work on heap-buddy and while I haven't
looked in-depth at it yet, from the conversations I've had with Dennis
and from reading the blog, it looks like a very nice improvement.  Any
help we can get in tools on the Mono front the much better Beagle will
be for it.


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