Re: Beagle indexing


On Thu, 2006-08-31 at 15:14 -0400, Albert O wrote:
> But I was wondering how Beagle treats Hard Links, If I do that.
> As one file? or as many files as hard links exists?

Beagle doesn't really handle hard links, and probably doesn't quite do
the right thing.  I think if we're crawling the file system for the
first time, they'll be indexed as two different items, but I don't think
inotify will pick up when hard links are created.

> How can I index files in a removable media?
> Does understand it has different medias mounted in /media/cdrom (for
> example) and not just one?

No, Beagle doesn't handle removable media at all right now.  This would
be a great contribution for someone, however.  I'm not entirely sure
what the right solution is here, though: do we store the index on the
device itself, or in the main index?


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