Re: High CPU with Beagle Thunderbird


On Fri, 2006-09-01 at 10:58 -0400, Luke Driscoll wrote:
> When thunderbird is being indexed my CPU remains at 100% until I kill
> the beagle processes.  I have tried running it over night to create
> the index, but the problem continues to occur.

Take a look at your ~/.beagle/Log directory and see if you have any
errors in those files.  Make sure you run beagled with --debug if you
only see "Warn" and "Error" messages in the logs.

> Another thing that i have noticed is that the thunderbird indexer does
> not honour the setting to not index when on battery.  Beagle notes
> when I change from AC to battery, but the Thunderbird indexer
> continues to use 100% (or there abouts) CPU. 

The battery setting kicks in following the task the daemon is currently
running.  Usually this takes a couple of seconds, but if there's a bug
where the task is looping tightly forever, it won't ever get there.


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