High CPU with Beagle Thunderbird

I've been trying the thunderbird patch for a while now, and am having trouble with CPU utilization.  This occurred with the svn build, the 0.28 openSuSE 10.1 build and now with the current CVS Build. 

My Thunderbird instance has two IMAP accounts, one is cached offline, and is about 2GB in size, and the other is not cached, but has the same amount of data.

When thunderbird is being indexed my CPU remains at 100% until I kill the beagle processes.  I have tried running it over night to create the index, but the problem continues to occur.

Another thing that i have noticed is that the thunderbird indexer does not honour the setting to not index when on battery.  Beagle notes when I change from AC to battery, but the Thunderbird indexer continues to use 100% (or there abouts) CPU.

Thanks for all the great work, and sorry to be a pain.


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