RE: Memory footprint of BEAGLE

Well, can you let us in on what you already have done? heap-buddy would
also be very useful here in determining what is eating up memory. The
biggest thing I can think of off the bat is to strip out unneeded
backends. After that , look through the filters and try to prevent
reading the entire file into memory before processing (there are a lot
of instances where we do this when we could just go line by line). 

Don't be afraid to file bugs with any patches you use to reduce memory
consumption, were working hard to get it down ourselves. But the best
recommendation I can make off the bat is to use heap-buddy (available
from the mono SVN, and can be easily activated with the --heap-buddy
command line switch to beagled) to get some profiling data about what is
still eating up memory.

Also, If you can give us some more details about the embedded system you
are working in and exactly what functionality you need from beagle, we
can give you better feedback on whats just 'fat' to you and can be lost.

Kevin Kubasik

On Mon, 2006-10-09 at 13:15 -0400, Gregoire Gentil wrote:
> I mean Beagle. Yes! I'm very sorry for the confusion - I'm working on
> both applications at the same time and I mixed them...
> The message should have been:
> "Hello,
> The memory foot print of Beagle on my system is 26MB. It's very high for
> the embeded system which I'm developing and which is low in memory
> (256MB). Is there any tip to reduce the memory footprint. Many thanks by
> advance,
> Grégoire
> PS: To calculate, I did on an already-indexed machine, beagled // sleep
> 20 // free -m // get used memory // beagle-shutdown // free -m // get
> used memory"
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> > > The memory foot print of Banshee on my system is 26MB. It's 
> > very high
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> > You meant beagle - right ?
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