Re: Patch to show more results


On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 11:01 -0700, Ryan Probasco wrote:
> Here's attempt #2.  It should fix all of the problems you mentioned 
> other than the allocation vs request issue.  

I'm still seeing the issue.  It always appears to be one conversation
that disappears in favor of 2 items in news feeds, documents, or one of
the other "grid" categories.

> I tried using the allocation to determine widget height again, but 
> it seems that the only consistent way to get a height in this case is 
> to use the request.  I'm sure you're right about the widget not being 
> allocated yet--I just don't see any other way to ensure that it's
> available when I'm ready to start adding rows.

Maybe we should take a different approach?  Beagle-search today handles
resizing of the window as it gets wider, and adds columns.  Does a
similar approach not work when making the window longer?  (Unfortunately
I don't have a concrete answer, because I'm not totally familiar with
the layout code.  Dan or Lukas might be able to guide you better here.)


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