Re: Patch to show more results


Here's attempt #2.  It should fix all of the problems you mentioned other than the allocation vs request issue.  I tried using the allocation to determine widget height again, but it seems that the only consistent way to get a height in this case is to use the request.  I'm sure you're right about the widget not being allocated yet--I just don't see any other way to ensure that it's available when I'm ready to start adding rows.

In any case, let me know  if you have any more suggestions.


>>> On Mon, Nov 13, 2006 at  4:04 PM, in message
<1163459055 14345 71 camel posthaste boston ximian com>, Joe Shaw
<joeshaw novell com> wrote: 
> Hey,
> On Mon, 2006- 11- 13 at 15:47 - 0700, Ryan Probasco wrote: 
>> Right.  I actually had the ShowMoreRows() using the size allocation 
>> originally, but found that I got unreliable results frequently.  For 
>> instance, rows sometimes had heights of 0 for some reason (you can 
>> guess what that does to the routine for adding extra rows).  I tried 
>> a number of different approaches to this problem, but in the end, 
>> the only one that would produce consistent results was to use the 
>> size request.  Maybe I missed something else here?
> Probably you were trying to get the allocation before it was initially
> allocated.
> Joe

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