Re: cannot find files with extension bug?

> >
> > Is this a bug or by design?
> Certainly not by design. Also it works for me!
> Couple of questions: Did this start occurring at any particular release of 
> beagle ? While beagled is running, could you touch the java file and see if 
> you get results back. 
It occurring some time ago but I did not investigate it than. I cannot
remember when.

At this moment I get all sort of strange results. I think I will
re-index everything.

> If you built beagle from source, could you paste the highly verbose output of
> $ cd /path/to/beagle/source
> $ cd beagled
> $ ./beagle-dump-index /path/to/some/
Nop, I did not build it from source.

> > BTW: can I change (or disable) the auto search time between the end of
> > typing and the start of the query in the graphical "Beagle
> > Search" (without recompiling Beagle)? I type (or think;-) slow and the
> > query takes off far too soon.
> Please file an enhancement bug in bugzilla.
I will do that.

Joost Kraaijeveld
Askesis B.V.
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6524NB Nijmegen
tel: 024-3888063 / 06-51855277
fax: 024-3608416

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