Re: beagled seems to get stuck

On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 11:12 -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:
> Hi,


> I expect it would, yes.

Well, I did a couple of things.  I excepted ~/tmp from indexing as well
as a large backup mail folder (i.e. gets a copy of all incoming mail via
procmail) and the execptions seem to be gone, as does the hanging for
the most part.

I excepted the dir by "Path" and files by "Pattern" and just put the
FQPN in the pattern Name.  I hope that is correct.

> > I made the modification above, re-ran beagled and like it always does,
> > it ran for a while but now seems to be stuck again:
> > 
> > Scheduler:
> > Count: 6165
> > Status: Executing task
> > Delayed 0 (5/5/2006 5:52:56 PM)
> > Crawling /home/brian/tmp
> What kind of and how many files do you have in this directory?

All sorts.  But this is the dir I excepted from indexing over the
weekend.  Seemed pointless, really.

> I recently fixed a bug in CVS in which beagled could get hung if it came
> across files like named pipes, FIFOs, device nodes.

Yeah, there could be sockets and FIFOs in there almost assuredly.

> Did you look in both the "Beagle" and "IndexHelper" logs?  What are the
> last few lines in the latter?  That might tell you what, if any, file it
> got caught on.

Yeah, I did look.  The only exceptions I seem to be getting now are for
a file or two that I don't have permissions to read.

> Does Beagle spin the CPU when it gets stuck,


> either after the exception
> or in this just-hanging case?

I should clarify that this "hang" is actually spinning (as told by
strace), not enough to eat much cpu though.  Probably immeasurable.


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Brian J. Murrell

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