Re: Epiphany plugin does not compile


On Sun, Mar 19, 2006 at 01:19:22PM -0500, Kevin Kubasik wrote:

> Can you give us a little more info about your system? (ie distro,
> gnome/autotools versions)

Debian GNU/Linux testing (plus some unstable packages)

holger degenatron:~$ dpkg -l|grep -i gnome|grep "\-dev"
ii  libgail-dev                   1.8.10-1                       GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library -
ii  libgconf2-dev                 2.12.1-12                      GNOME configuration database system (develop
ii  libgnome-desktop-dev          2.12.3-1                       Utility library for loading .desktop files -
ii  libgnome-keyring-dev          0.4.8-1                        Development files for GNOME keyring service
ii  libgnome2-dev                            The GNOME 2 library - development files
ii  libgnomecanvas2-dev           2.12.0-2                       A powerful object-oriented display - develop
ii  libgnomeprint2.2-dev          2.12.1-3                       The GNOME 2.2 print architecture - developme
ii  libgnomeprintui2.2-dev        2.12.1-2                       GNOME 2.2 print architecture User Interface
ii  libgnomeui-dev                2.12.1-1                       The GNOME 2 libraries (User Interface) - dev
ii  libgnomevfs2-dev              2.12.2-5                       GNOME virtual file-system library (developme
ii  libgsf-gnome-1-dev            1.13.3-1                       Structured File Library - development files
ii  libxml2-dev                   2.6.23.dfsg.2-2                Development files for the GNOME XML library
ii  python-gnome2-dev             2.12.3-2                       Python bindings for the GNOME desktop enviro
ii  python-gnome2-extras-dev      2.12.1-2.1                     Python bindings for the GNOME desktop enviro

holger degenatron:~$ dpkg -l|grep -i auto
ii  autoconf                      2.59a-8                        automatic configure script builder
ii  automake1.9                   1.9.6-3                        A tool for generating GNU Standards-complian
ii  autotools-dev                 20060223.1                     Update infrastructure for config.{guess,sub}

> > Could it be that the plugin depends on glib 1.2?
> No, I just compiled it today with glib2, most likely you need to
> install your glib development packages, under debian, that would be
> something like
> sudo apt-get build-dep beagle

I usually use the current source distribution, in this case 0.2.3

> sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev

This is installed as I added before.

> It looks like your running an RPM distrobution, so you might have to
> do a bit of rooting on your own, but just look for the glib dev or
> devel packages.

I looked into epiphany-extension/Makefile, but the paths seemed to be

Any more hints?


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