Re: what files does beagle index?


Brian J. Murrell wrote:
Does beagle try to index every single file in my ~ (including
"dot-dir"s)?  I have done searches on terms that I know are in files in
my ~ but they are not showing up in beagle.
Does beagle try to exclude files it "thinks" you don't want indexed like
a "binary" "db" file for example?

Beagle does have a blacklist; it never indexes dotfiles, CVS directories, temporary files from vi or emacs, or .o files, for example. There are others, but those are the big ones.

Other than that, Beagle indexes every file. To what extent it can index the file varies, however. If Beagle doesn't have a filter to parse the contents of the file, only information about the file (like the filename, for example) are indexed.

(How) Can I examine beagle's index and see what files are in the index?

There's no easy way to do this. There was a tool called beagle-dump-index, but I don't think it's shipped in the tarball. You'd have to run it out of CVS. It would be pretty easy to write such a tool though, and we probably should.

If you are running 0.2.4 or newer, just doing "beagle-query filename" should do the trick. If not the file either (a) isn't indexed or (b) there is some sort of bug in the querying or indexing. You might also want to check the logs in ~/.beagle/Log to make sure the daemon isn't encountering an error while searching.


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