Re: what files does beagle index?

On Wed, 2006-07-12 at 20:46 -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:
> Hi,

Hi again,

> Beagle does have a blacklist; it never indexes dotfiles,

Yeah.  :-(  I tried several ways around this to no avail.  First I tried
to create a non-dot-named symlink to a dot-dir.  No luck there (not
really surprising).  Next I tried to hard link a file in a dot-dir
outside the dot-dir into my ~.  No joy there (to my surprise).  Making
an actual copy worked.  Showed up in Beagle instantly.  I love that
part.  When stuff that just appears is in Beagle within fractions of a
second.  :-)

I couldn't even explicitly specify a dot-dir in the "Add any additional
paths..." dialog.  Well, the file chooser would not let me enter a
dot-name of any sort.

So, does beagle not follow symlinks then?  If I have a (non-dot-named)
symlink to something outside of my ~, will it index it (assuming I can
read them of course)?

It seems not.  I added something explicitly that is outside my ~ but
symlinked to from within my ~ and after adding it explicitly it started
indexing it.  Hrm.  A follow symlinks option might be nice too.

So full of ideas.  So "no time" to implement any.  :-(

>  CVS 
> directories, temporary files from vi or emacs, or .o files, for example. 
>   There are others, but those are the big ones.

> There's no easy way to do this.  There was a tool called 
> beagle-dump-index,

Figured something like that had to exist.  :-)

> but I don't think it's shipped in the tarball.  You'd 
> have to run it out of CVS.  It would be pretty easy to write such a tool 
> though, and we probably should.

Would be nice.

> If you are running 0.2.4 or newer, just doing "beagle-query filename" 
> should do the trick.  If not the file either (a) isn't indexed or (b) 
> there is some sort of bug in the querying or indexing.  You might also 
> want to check the logs in ~/.beagle/Log to make sure the daemon isn't 
> encountering an error while searching.


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