Re: GUADEC redux and roadmap

Being Java, Sesame isn't appropriate for inclusion into Beagle proper.
(IKVM or some sort of Java->C# translation might be possible, but the
former is a shim and brutal on resources and the latter isn't something
I want to maintain.)

I already thought of how to benefit from the sopisticated Sesame API (Java) within Beagle (C# / Mono) and the Java -> C# conversion via ikmvc is really promising. Since the latest stable version of Sesame is in Java 1.4 it can be converted into mono. I am currently working that out and once it works it should not be much maintenance, right? What is the aim of the ikvm and ikvmc if not making use of existing well developed Java libraries within mono? Once they are C# dll's, who cares? It is part of the mono project, isn't it?

Expressing metadata in RDF format, as described e.g. in
Ah, ok.  I don't view RDF as a "format", since it has no real
representation (like Unicode).
right, RDF is more a concept of representing relations between resources / entities as a graph, and this RDF graph can be manifested in different kind of formats like RDF-XML or ntriples.

And the sharing concept might be more like having a central repository in a way that various components can understand what is written there (realized through ontologies and representations formats like rdf-xml).

Enrico M.

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