Re: GUADEC redux and roadmap


On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 17:32 +0200, Enrico Minack wrote:
> Joe, it would be great if these metadata would be stored as RDF. Both
> the metadata as well as their schemas can be represented as RDF, which
> then makes the RDF store the perfect exchange mechanism between all
> applications generating these metadata, and applications using them. We
> use that approach in our NEPOMUK project, and it works very well to
> integrate contributions from different project partners.

RDF is a definite possibility for this.  I am looking at the SemWeb
library for this. (

Another possibility is to store it in a more straightforward relational
database and then build RDF from that later.  (This was more or less our
current plan with Lucene.)

Like I said, I'll have to build a prototype and see what works and
scales and what doesn't.  Fortunately I have millions of documents I
regularly test on, so I should be able to give it a good once over.

One thing I'm not sure on is that you talk about RDF being a perfect
"exchange mechanism" for your data.  Do you mean sharing common
namespaces like Dublin Core?  Common ways of expressing RDF like RDF-XML
or N3?  Or something else?


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