Re: GUADEC redux and roadmap

       * Metadata store - Jon and I talked about this at GUADEC and
       after thinking about it for a few days, I think we have an
       approach that will work.  Whether or not it scales is yet to be
       seen, however.  Right now we are storing all of our metadata in
       Lucene.  This works fine for largely immutable text-based
       values, but doesn't work well when you want to deal with
       external metadata (think Nautilus emblems, Leaftag or F-Spot
       tags, etc.).  The plan currently is to move storing of all
       metadata into a database and use Lucene only for its text
       indexing capabilities.  This will allow us to (a) adapt better
       to changes in external metadata stores, (b) store metadata
       ourselves on behalf of applications, and (c) make keyword
       searches simpler.  I started prototyping something on my laptop
       on the plane; I'll need to play with it a little bit more if I
       can get my laptop going again.

Joe, it would be great if these metadata would be stored as RDF. Both
the metadata as well as their schemas can be represented as RDF, which
then makes the RDF store the perfect exchange mechanism between all
applications generating these metadata, and applications using them. We
use that approach in our NEPOMUK project, and it works very well to
integrate contributions from different project partners.

Storing the metadata in RDF also enables path-like queries where you traverse along the graph which connects different entities (Emails, Documents, Persons, ...)
via their metadata (received by, ...).

Enrico Minack

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