Exclude pattern question

Hi all,

My "indexing.xml" file contains the following excludes:

<ExcludeItem Type="Pattern" Value="*.viminfo" />
<ExcludeItem Type="Pattern" Value="*.viminfo.tmp" />

However, when I start my editor (vim) and close it again, the
following appears in the logs:

Debug: *** Add '/home/steve' '.viminfo.tmp' (file)
Debug: *** Remove '/home/steve' '.viminfo' (file)
Debug: Could not resolve unique id of '.viminfo' in '/home/steve' for removal, it is probably already gone
Debug: *** Move '/home/steve' '.viminfo.tmp' -> '/home/steve' '.viminfo' (file)

What is beagle doing with this temporary files ? I've expected
that they are ignored. Is my exclude pattern wrong ? Or do I
need to exclude dot files in another way ?

Thanks and kind regards,

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