Re: Exclude pattern question


On Sun, 2006-12-17 at 06:17 +0100, Stephan Hegel wrote:
> My "indexing.xml" file contains the following excludes:
> <ExcludeItem Type="Pattern" Value="*.viminfo" />
> <ExcludeItem Type="Pattern" Value="*.viminfo.tmp" />
> However, when I start my editor (vim) and close it again, the
> following appears in the logs:
> ..
> Debug: *** Add '/home/steve' '.viminfo.tmp' (file)
> Debug: *** Remove '/home/steve' '.viminfo' (file)
> Debug: Could not resolve unique id of '.viminfo' in '/home/steve' for removal, it is probably already gone
> Debug: *** Move '/home/steve' '.viminfo.tmp' -> '/home/steve' '.viminfo' (file)
> ..
> What is beagle doing with this temporary files ? I've expected
> that they are ignored. Is my exclude pattern wrong ? Or do I
> need to exclude dot files in another way ?

These are notifications of inotify events.  Beagle always receives these
for directories it watches.  It's the exclude patterns that determine
whether or not they're indexed.  (BTW, dotfiles are never indexed by
default, so your exclude patterns aren't necessary.)


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