Re: Updating date and time of folders ?


On Fri, 2006-12-15 at 16:48 +0100, Stephan Hegel wrote:
> No. I need to select another keyword and turn back to the original
> keyword. Then it changes to "Last edited: Today".
> Just selecting another tile does not work for me.

I just looked into it a bit more and while yes, it is technically a bug,
it's probably not one that will get fixed.

Right now the UI is dynamic only in that updates happen when events come
from the daemon.  A file that gets moved actually triggers a subtract
and add for a given tile, which is why it's updated.  Moving a file into
a folder doesn't cause any changes to the underlying index for the
folder, so an event isn't sent and the folder tile isn't updated.  We
might be able to synthesize these events specially for folders (since I
believe they're the only tiles that would have this problem), but I'm
not sure it's worth it.


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