Beagle doesn't index 'Files'.

Hi, I haven't used the beagle-search function a lot since i installed it
month ago on Ubuntu 6.06, but when i wanted to use it to track down an
Mp3, it failed. (same with any other file except for mails, gaimlogs,
mail attachments or Blam feeds..)

I call up beagled with 'beagled --fg --debug --replace --backend
-Liferea --backend -Tomboy --backend -KMail --backend -Akregator
--backend -Kopete --backend -KonquerorHistory --backend +Files'

        sagara sousuke:~$ beagle-index-info
        Index information:
        Name: EvolutionDataServer
        Count: 1
        Indexing: True
        Name: EvolutionMail
        Count: 526
        Indexing: True
        Name: GaimLog
        Count: 28
        Indexing: True
        Name: IndexingService
        Count: 0
        Indexing: True
        Name: Blam
        Count: 975
        Indexing: True

beagle-info --status doesn't show anything about Files, it only tries to
optimize the GaimLogIndex, BlamIndex, Evolution-related indexes,
FileSystemIndex and IndexingServiceIndex.

I knew it worked in previous installs on Dapper Beta and Kubuntu

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